Call for written evidence

The APPG on Vaccinations for All is launching an inquiry to assess the reasons for low and stalling immunisation rates and the role of the UK in ensuring all children receive all 11 World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended vaccines. It is hoped that the resulting report will build political will within the UK towards continued UK support for immunisation, key multilateral immunisation institutions and civil society organisations in driving progress towards equitable and sustainable delivery of vaccinations for all.

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Why vaccinations are essential for all

This article was written by Dr Philippa Whitford MP. Dr Philippa Whitford is the Member of Parliament for Central Ayrshire and was previously a Consultant Breast Surgeon in Kilmarnock. Dr Whitford is the Chair of the APPG Vaccinations for all. 

With the impact of this winter’s influenza outbreak on all four UK NHS systems, attention has turned to the  falling uptake of the flu vaccine and gives us the opportunity to consider vaccination in general. Immunisation is one of the most cost-effective ways to prevent illness and is up there with clean water and antibiotics in contributing to the reduction in infectious diseases and death, particularly among children, across the world. Improving health is a benefit in itself but has also been shown to improve economic development in poorer countries.

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